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Price Guide

A4 Croissants et Baguettes


Alors, zis oppshone is goode one fore zose of you who wish to buyee a trops petite smallier verision of zee oosual draw-wings at anne moiré afformidáblé price pointe.

A3/A2 Figures


The original Venus de Spiro.

Suave, elegant, shapely and vogue; Degenerate_Generated also offers excellent figure like drawings.

A3/A2 Impractical Vases


Terrible at holding flowers.

Fossils and other "One-Offs"


Can you dig it? Sometimes: it's a fossil.

This category also houses some special "one-off" drawings.

These are the time vacuums.


  • Bespoke colour schemes are catered for. Just ask!
  • International shipping available: this an extra £10 worldwide. 
  • I am open to commissions. 
  • A4-A3 drawings are shipped flat (unless international, then I'll use a tube). 
  • A2 drawings ship in tubes.
  • Consult with me on framing for any setting and I'll have it framed for a fee of £20 + the eventual cost of the frame.
  • Commissions may take a few weeks. I am a one man band (I also work on this website alone), so please bear with me on shipment.
  • Will generally aim to get drawings packed and shipped within a week.
  • I'm working on getting more affordable prints. 
  • Ethereum and NFTs are accepted as legal tender. Other art trades welcome. Show me what you've got.
  • No, a five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.

Further Information:

I am open to commissions and can cater for a wide range of colour palettes. I am also happy to explore any concept in gear form, should you want anything bespoke. The more bizarre the better.


Please inspect the photos in the Shop closely: these are hand made thingymajigs, so occasionally, there is the odd smudge/small blemish on the paper. It's basically unavoidable. 

Images where you can add to basket are unedited, unfiltered originals and shown under 4000K lighting.